African Roulette Games

african roulette gamesAfrican Roulette Games – With so many Roulette variations out there I wonder why we do not have original African Roulette Games. Let’s face it, with a typical European Roulette, the traditional French version and a slightly altered version known as the American one major parts of the world are “covered”. Therefore I would not mind our continent would have their African of the Roulette.

Obviously that would just be a romantic idea…

There is no need for a typical African roulette game as we all can play on the roulette games available in online and land-based casino. It does not matter where one lives and they are exciting enough. Especially since we are no longer limited to software only and more variations of the game are launched the passed years.

Wide range of Roulette games avilable online

  • French, European, American in both software and live dealer games
  • Double ball roulette, two times the chance of winning
  • Multi wheel versions with two or three wheels
  • Slingshot Auto and Immersive Roulette tabels

Never a dull moment when entering your favorite casino (or playing online). With the amazing amount of superb Roulette games and so many variations it will be hard not like at least one or two of them.

Oh and don’t let the big red and black table with all those numbers and betting-sections set you off. Roulette looks way more complicated than it actually is. Still not convinced? Well just click the “Try Now” button below and you will be able to play the game completely for free as long as you want! There is no need to register if you don’t feel like so go ahead and check it out!

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Quick game guide on how to place bets on roulette games

Roulette is all about predicting the right number or section on the table. Simply not?! Well those are the basics. But there is more to the game. In fact there are loads of different betting options that you can choose. Especially when the “track-field” is available in the game you play. But lets leave that for a different post. For now we want to keep it simple.

When you have deposited your money in an online casino you just choose the game you want to play by clicking it. You will see your balance at the bottom and with the majority of the roulette games the casino chips are stacked by value on the right bottom-side of the table. Click on the value you want to play with and move your mouse (or pointer) to the desired number(s) you want to play. Once all bets are placed you can click the spin button and the boulette start to spin in the wheel. After a while the boulette will land in one of the pockets and if you have the right bet you will win.

Besides numbers you can also place bets on Odds and Evens, Red or Black or multiple fields combined like side bets or corner bets. Every section has his own pay-out percentage and it is logical that a single number will pay-out the highest return of your bet 1 to 35.

American and rest of the world games

The only difference between a American Roulette table and those that can be found in the rest of the world is a extra field containing a double zero (00). For the rest the game is completely identical to all other regular versions for this game.

Answering the “why” of this difference is easy, greed! “What you say?!” Yes correct it might sounds surprising but it is a fact. Back in the days the casino’s in the United States of America thought that players had to much chances of winning when playing Roulette with one single zero. The house-edge was considered to low so they came up with the trick of adding an extra field. And it worked. Playing “normal” roulette leave the house with a 2.7% house edge whilst the American version gives the house an advantage of 5.26%.

Hence our advise always play the European or French version when you want to play roulette games.

African roulette games

Can you imagine if our continent came up with a new version of the game giving players even better chances of winning?! That would be revolutionary! But until one clever African brain comes up with our own version of Roulette we can enjoy the games currently offered out there. I’m convinced you will like them too!

european roulette
american roulette

Orphelins, Voisins du Zero, Sidebets and more options when playing Roulette

Next article about roulette games will go in detail about the option a players has when playing “Voisins du Zero” and “Orphelins” bets. These options add extra excitement to the game. Unfortunately not every table offers these betting options. If you can’t wait click the picture below and start playing!

voisins orphelins roulette bets